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How did sea slugs lead me to the best place on the internet?

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I've been pretty cynical about the internet lately, and in a way that's deeply boring to examine publicly (though I'm sure that won't ever stop me from trying). But the one thing I will always love dearly about the world wide web is the way it's made seemingly niche interests and hobbies accessible to a wider audience.

I don't think I ever expected to be writing about that for Journey to the Microcosmos. But while doing research for a recent video about sea slugs, I ended up on an old sea slug forum (called, of course, The Sea Slug Forum). And it was delightful. And looking at sea slugs, I kind of get it. They're so cute and striking, and they feel like the kind of thing where once you learn about them, you want everyone else in your vicinity to hear about them.


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