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microbial ones

This Week in “Things I made Recently”: Butts, slow burns, and environmental disasters.

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Science Communication in a Crisis: Lessons from Deepwater Horizon: Podcast

For Tiny Matters, Sam and I talked to Chris Reddy, an oceanographer who recently wrote a book called Science Communication in a Crisis. Even as someone who hopes to never have to talk about science in a crisis, I found his book to be an amazing concise resource for thinking about how to think about science and the media., and it was great getting to talk to him about the experience he’s had with disasters like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that have shaped his thinking about science communication.

So you have a scientist who's saying, we don't know that, because in part, they're not talking to the audience of the radio show. They're talking to their colleagues to let them know that they're not being hacks. But the end result is you have scientists saying, I don't know. And then you have an audience who's hungry for something to know, and that's when you have an opportunity for misinformation to grow. And so my advice to scientists is always to lead with what we know, you know, be surprised that we do know that. And be mindful that your audience is whoever's listening to you and not worry about being critiqued by your colleagues.

reading a chaotic slow burn and other fantastical things: YouTube

I’m slowly getting back into semi-regularly talking about books on okidokiboki again. This time, I’m talking about recent romance reads in this one, featuring The Widow of Rose House, Bitter Medicine, and Liar City. Or as I call them in my head, the ghost one, the magic one, and the chaos one.

Microscopic Butts Are Fascinating: YouTube

When I started working on Journey to the Microcosmos, I really underestimated how often butts were going to come up in our episodes. And maybe as the person who ends up writing these episodes and deciding what goes in them, I’m just skirting around the need for a lot of self-reflection on why I end up making so many of the episodes about butts. But we’ve made enough butt-related episodes that I got to string them together into one mega-butt episode.

But you know who I wish would poop a little less? The subject of our next video. Because now I can’t help but look around my house and wonder how much of it is covered in their poop.

One last time: butts.

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