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on falling in love with microscopy

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and other things i've made lately

We’re not all in this together: How corporate and colonialist practices are shaping the impact of climate change (Podcast)

We’ve been discussing environmental disasters quite a bit lately on Tiny Matters, but one of the recurring themes has been that describing things as “environmental” disasters can be a way to sidestep the very real human factors that make a these disasters so disastrous. So for this episode, we decided to dive deeper into the colonialist practices past and present that shape the effects of climate change.

Maira Hayat: I think that one of the biggest challenges is that there is no level playing field. One of the things that I hear so often, that I hear so frequently is “we are all in this together.” Yes. But, you know, in a far more important and immediate sense, in a sense that matters more: We are anything but.

Falling in love with microscopy (Youtube)

I love learning about what draws scientists into the specific field they end up in because you get to understand more about how they see the world, and how they see their particular field fitting into the world. So for Journey to the Microcosmos, it was really great to be able to do a deep dive into our own master of microscopes James and learn more about how he went from a class on wastewater to someone who has captured extremely rare organisms on camera.

James: This is a video of me, falling in love. It’s only 9 seconds long, which is why we’re having to loop it again and again. I didn’t know that much about it compared to everything I know now. I barely even knew how to look at it properly. But I knew that it was beautiful, and that I wanted to see more.

Booktube prize nonfiction semifinal wrap-up (Youtube)

Judging the Booktube Prize continues to be one of my reading highlights for the year because it gets me to read all the nonfiction books I should have read the previous year, and also some books I wouldn’t have known to read. But sometimes liking all the books you’re reading is kind of tough.

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