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naming secret government projects and other terrible ideas

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plus more ways for me to lose any sense of time

You know what I didn’t realize when I started doing science writing as a job? There’s real time as it actually exists, and then there’s time as dictated by the content calendar. And for the past month, it’s been spooky season. Sure, it was August. But in my head, it’s been October, and everything I’ve been writing about has revolved around creepy creatures and finding new ways to write “blood-sucking.” But I can’t tell you all about the gross, bloody things I’ve been writing about yet because they’re not coming out until spooky season begins in real time. And by that point, I’ll be mentally stuck in the holidays.

In the meantime, we got to do two fun things for the Tiny Matters, both of which have come out this week. And it’s the end of summer, so it was a good time to go a little overboard with the library.

SciShow Tangents: Big vs Small with Tiny Matters

So fun thing #1: Sam and I showed up on the SciShow Tangents podcast to battle it out with Hank and Ceri on all things Big and Small. It’s all the usual chaos of SciShow Tangents with the newfound chaos of trying out a completely different format from usual. And Ceri’s game about weird government projects gone wrong has given me new insight into the power of branding.

You can watch us on youtube here:

Or listen on podcast:

Q&A: Plastic-decomposing mushrooms, allergy-curing hookworms, the end of the universe, and more! (Tiny Matters)

Fun thing #2: Sam and I did a little Q&A recently on the Tiny Matters podcast where we took on science and scicomm questions that our listeners sent in. There’s the end of the universe, hookworms, and plenty of other things. It’s a bit of a different format from our usual narrative-driven episodes, and I loved getting to talk to Sam about some of the bigger picture science writing stuff we’ve both learned over the past few years.

Listen on podcast:

my end-of-summer library check-in (okidokiboki)

As I mentioned recently in another newsletter, I’m reading a lot of books at the moment. It’s going surprisingly well? Usually I end up with a pile of books and am completely overwhelmed and end up getting absolutely no reading done aside from a string of easy-but-unsatisfactory kindle unlimited romances. But right now, I’m buried under a pile of books and completely happy to be there.


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