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Are we just a bag full of hormones?

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"Hormones" feels like the deus ex machina of biology. If there's something you can't explain in your body, surely there's a hormone responsible somewhere, right? The surge of affection I have for my cat sleeping on the couch right now? Hormones. The midnight craving for noodles dunked in tahini? Hormones. The irrational rage I feel watching Vanderpump Rules despite knowing it has no bearing on my life? Also hormones. Right?

Probably not, or at least, it's probably not that simple. For Tiny Matters, we talked about the complicated nature of love, and more particularly, of oxytocin, which led us down a weird path of learning how scientists get prairie voles to break up with each other.

And if you want to learn more about hormones (but you'd really prefer those lessons to come in the form of science trivia games), I stepped in for Sam for SciShow Tangents, where we got to chat about what a weird life it is living in a bag of bones controlled by hormones.


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