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excuses, excuses

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Videos I Never Made

I store all of my video ideas and outlines on the handy outlining app Workflowy, and one of the most satisfying feelings is marking a video as complete and watching it gray out.

But then there are these assholes:

“On Hold” hides a multitude of excuses, so I figured it’d be fun to revisit why these videos haven’t happened and calculate some probabilities that they still have a chance. I TAed an undergrad stats class, so these probabilities are like super legit.

Review: Red Sparrow

I was actually pretty excited for this video, so excited that there are two incomplete scripts for it. I love spy movies and looking at how adaptations take on the source material, and I was super ready to get into how this book and movie find different, non-creative ways to undermine the agency of their main female character (Russian spy Dominika Egorova). I was going to get to snark about Joss Whedon’s fetishistic paternalism towards Black Widow in Avengers, and any opportunity to snark on Joss Whedon is a welcome one for me. But it’s bad enough to discuss a book that’s aggressively mediocre, throwing in a movie that’s also just bland and forgettable makes it even harder.

Probability it happens: 9%. It’ll probably only happen if I’m on a plane that’s showing Red Sparrow.

How I Review Books

This video is probably exactly what it sounds like. Straight from my draft: “I love process, and I love knowing other people’s process.” I cite some of my favorite reviewers, but honestly it ended up being mostly a lot of gushing about the legendary makeup blogger Temptalia. It probably never happened because I felt kind of self-conscious about acting like my reviews are worth dissecting.

Probability it ends up getting made: 66%. It’s one of those “videos for when I’m not sure what I want to make” things.

Recent Science Reads: A Guide to the CRISPR Babies

I’ve only made one Recent Science Reads video, but I liked how it went and have been wanting to revisit it. What better opportunity than the irresponsible and terrible science that went into deciding to editing the genomes of human embryos that would be carried to term? I figured I would compile the articles that best summarized the science and what makes this experiment so reckless, but it just ended up feeling more like click-bait. I also get a little paranoid about what kind of audience beyond my usual one is going to be attracted to certain types of videos, and sometimes you just don’t feel like arguing with people who are pro-CRISPR baby. But the articles I meant to link to were great, so here there are:

Probability it ends up getting made: 3%. But I am planning to return to Recent Science Reads on my channel as well as in this newsletter (see below).

Not My Thesis: Academic Publishing, A Guide

This one is embarrassing because I actually have made this video. Or at least I’ve filmed it. But I don’t feel like editing it. I’ve still got too much academic publishing angst to trudge back through watching myself talk about the system as if it meets its own ideas.

Probability it ends up getting made: 70%. Ranting is self-care, right?

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