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Both this newsletter and my YouTube channel have been kind of silent for the past month. My excuses have all morphed together into like one big Saturday morning cartoon mega excuse: traveling, moving, finishing up one work thing, starting up a new work thing, family visits—the works. But now that things have settled back down, I’m easing myself back into writing and making videos using the tried and true method of just forcing myself to sit down and do it. For YouTube, this hasn’t been so bad. I’ve read books! I can talk about books! But I’ve been putting off trying to write this newsletter for the oldest reason in the book: I don’t know what I want to write about.

It’s weird to me because writing this newsletter seems like it should be easier than YouTube. I just have to write it. I don’t have to clean up my desk to make it presentable. I don’t have to make a sacrifice to the lighting gods. I don’t have to turn off the fan to film in humid 90 degree weather with sweat pouring down my face. And the editing! I could just press submit right now on this newsletter and it would be out without having to worry about captioning or exporting or uploading or whatever. But even weirder is that for some reason, I’m much more self-conscious about this newsletter than I am about YouTube, a place where I upload videos of myself talking through existential crises about books.

I describe YouTube to people as very self-indulgent—this thing where I’ve convinced myself that people not only want to hear what I have to say, they want to watch me say it. But even though my face isn’t on this newsletter, it feels weirdly even more self-indulgent. Like this thing where I’ve convinced myself that people not only want to hear what I have to say, they want it directly in their inbox. And like some of you are people I know in real life who have indulged me in many a tirade about something stupid, but I’ve never sent you an e-mail out of the blue with multiple paragraphs of My Thoughts—but that’s what you’re getting now.

Anyway, I’m working on getting past that, so if this newsletter starts to take a turn towards the inane, that means I’ve probably succeeded.

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